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Anika Mhajabin

Chairman , Russell IT and Engineering Ltd.
Hello! Our aim is to provide better solution for a better world through the development of information & technology where our hardship & creativity will explore the universe. People want to know more & more everyday & knowing better than previous day & all happing because of the development of science & technology where we can think, design, & implement through our creativity & talent. We’re the global software developer, developing new system & technologies almost everyday & introducing new technology to the world. Our software & technologies bringing the perfectness & completeness to the people personal & business life. We’re proud of having such as contribution for the development of science & technology for a better world & a better future.

Thanking you
Anika Mehjabin

Russell A Royal

Managing Director , Russell IT and Engineering Ltd.
Hello! Our mission & vision is to build a better future with better system & technology where our role model will be our talent & creativity. Everyday our knowledge, skill & intelligence increasing and with them we’re going forward leaving the darkness to the light. The modern world what we see today wouldn’t be so modern or people couldn’t gather so much knowledge if there wasn’t development in Information & Technology. So what we aim & what we do is all about taking the world step by step forward everyday through our thinking, designing, developing, implementing, manufacturing and our engineering excellence. Our every department is full of resources where not only selling Technology products but also developing every necessary software and connecting them together making a perfect system setup. Our engineers are so eager to develop a new system software or try harder to solve our customer’s problems by creating end-to-end solution from concept & strategy bringing the best quality standards of our services & products.

Thanking you
Russell Royal

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We Do One Thing And We Do It Best

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